Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Act Locally

For close to 50 years in the United States gangs and gang related violence have presented a critical challenge for many communities. There are many reasons why our youth join these gangs. Youth feel the need for protection from the streets, for some kids it's just for enjoyment, but for the majority of kids I've talked to and known it's all about the respect and money issues that plague many inner city youth today. There are so many youth that grow up today in communities where they feel unsafe, peer pressure is very high and the aggressive, violent experiences are an everyday occurrence.

Gun and gang violence cost our justice system billions of dollars each year to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate juveniles in our country, but still the violence and crime remain widespread. States spend roughly 5 to 6 billion each year imprisoning youth at a average cost of 240.00 a day per youth close to 90.000 a year.

We need to revisit and revise our current policies and start investing in what is proven to work. Research has shown that proactive, community based strategies such as mentoring and after school programs such as No Weapon Needed reduce crime more effectively and at a much lower cost then our current approach of waiting for a crime and or violence to occur then react by funneling youth through a punishing minefield of arrest, prosecution and incarceration. Let's build on what works, our local strengths and start funding the programs that dig down deep to the root causes to prevent crime and gun, gang violence.     

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Newspapers Tell a Good Story

Dear News People

After waking up at 5 am it would be nice to hear something positive in this world. It seems like every time you you turn on the news it is just murder, killing, robbery, stabbing, crashing, dead, died and so on....... it almost makes you not want to watch the news, and I have talked to many people that said they do not because of this. The TV needs a makeover or whatever you want to call it these days, and push for a more uplifting and positive message. There are many organizations out there that are doing good , positive work but never get any recognition lets give these people that are helping others some air time.      

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The No Weapon Needed Organization

 No Weapon Needed is an organization that helps and cares for young people in need. We work with youth that are often surrounded by the tragedies of street violence, gangs and drugs. Our mission statement is to teach our youth of today morals such as respect, honor, kindness and discipline skills that can be used to progress in everyday life. Our concept using martial arts, street awareness skills and music provide a conflict resolution process that helps inner city youth protect themselves from the danger of the streets and also enhancing their lives both mentally and physically. The No Weapon Needed concept began in 1981 after Ken Richardson’s brother Brian was murdered because of gang and gun violence. Soon after, Ken dedicated his life to studying the gang life and creating a program that provides training to youth on the topic of gun (weapons)/gang awareness and intervention, but most important street awareness skills. Over the last 20 years  Ken has been fortunate to have helped and mentored hundreds of troubled youth, and has built a very strong understanding of gangs and the gang culture.  No Weapon Needed believes through strong leadership and positive relationships with our youth we will get them to start down the right path in life. We will always be dedicated to building safer communities free from any threat of gun (weapons) or gang violence. Most important I will always shout out loud to children and parents etc. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Please take a moment to visit my website  Thank You in advance. Here at No Weapon Needed we will always be devoted to changing young lives.